Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Amanda Holden Calves Update 2






Meg Ryan Calf Muscle Screens from the movie "In The Cut"

Sorry for bad blurry quality of the screens. The camera focus was on the dog...






Meg Ryan Calves - scene from the movie "In the... by hercalves

Girl with Tattooed Muscular Legs in tv show "Botched" Season 1 Episode 3



And here is the video clip of that scene :

Amanda Holden Calves Update 1






Larissa Reis Calves Update



Randy in Pink Pumps

Randy is smoking hot as always in her blue tank top and tall, pink heels. She poses in a jean thong that shows off her bountiful booty and silk smooth stems from every angle. Sitting on a stool, she crosses her legs back and forth in a slow sexy manner.

Alesha Dixon Calves Update