Annie Mae HD

Introducing Annie Mae
Annie Mae has some of the most insanely curvy legs ever! As her name suggests, her body is exaggeratedly voluptuous like a gorgeous anime cartoon character come to life! She has jaw dropping mega calves, strong robust thighs, ample natural breasts and a stunningly cute face! In this release she gets interviewed and shows off her amazing body with natural light accentuating her legs muscular definition!

Annie Mae & Tomiko Playing Twister
Tomiko and Annie Mae go leg-to-leg in a challenging game of twister! They bend over, stretch out their muscular calves, and pretzel their legs together to see who can outdo the other. Their extremely curvy legs look amazing as they contort their bodies. In the end, it's the viewers who win.

Annie Mae Exercising
Annie Mae is at the gym and she's working out her magnificent legs! She starts her routine by stretching out her calves and working out her muscular thighs. All the while, the camera catches all of the action from many different angles! She gets on her back and poses her legs in a variety of different positions. Then she climbs onto the elliptical machine and jogs while flexing her calves!

Tomiko & Annie Mae in the Office
Tomiko & Annie Mae flaunt their amazing muscular legs at the office. They know their boss is a legman and watching them through secret cameras. They give him a leg show, bending over, touching each other, flexing their legs and exercising barefoot. They even put extremely steep high heels on to accentuate their leg muscles even more!

Annie Mae in a Tight Dress Calves
Annie Mae looks amazingly hot in her skin tight dress and tall wedges. She sits on the couch and stretches out her curvaceous legs. Then, she stands up and poses in various ways. Finally, she gropes and jiggles her calves.


  1. Annie Mae is one my favorite legs and calves that I LOVE to get off

  2. Yes for real and I'd love to oil her body.

  3. Wow Annie has the best legs ever, i would love to make love to her calves and feet

  4. Bravooo Nice body gerl .joli travail bravooo ..jombes parfaite ..

  5. Annie baby,you have top of line legs and figure. I've been a leg lover for many years and I must say you top my list of best legs I ever seen.oh how sweet you are baby!

    1. creeeeeeeeepyyyyyyyyy