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  1. SAFARI>DEVELOP>The inspectors, consoles and sources behind these sites, pages, and images contain such complex and overwhelming amounts of information, that to delve into it, even in the most surface fashion, makes my brain shift into hyper-drive until an explosion becomes imminent! As a photographer and artist myself, and one who has studied female athletes and the aesthetics of the feminine form for years, my main interest is capturing and creating fine art imagery based on these incredibly beautiful and fascinating women; but I am admittedly becoming equally hypnotized by the developers' page resources and coding required to create the formats via which the admirers are able to appreciate these femme fatales in the best possible and most visually pleasing light possible, as well as the resourcing threads that offer such unique and compelling ways of navigating these pages. The LINK is missing No More!!!! It's a HYPERLINK! Bravo designers!!!~E