Monday, October 31, 2011

Alyssa in Bootie Shorts ( CALVES HD GALLERY )

Alyssa is a gorgeous tan brunette with tone yet extremely curvaceous legs and ass. She shows off her sexy lower half by wearing a denim thong and steep wedges. The spot light that shines on her really shows her leg's muscle definition. She teases with her great ass bending over multiple times!

Anna David CALVES - part 10 -



Anna David CALVES - part 9 -



Anna David CALVES - part 8 -



Anna David CALVES - part 7 - ( more pictures - coming soon ! )


My God, what a CALVES!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Swann Cardot CALVES - II -



Swann Cardot CALVES - I -



Anna David CALVES - part 6 -



Staisja in a Mustard Dress

Staisja is looking amazingly fine in her tight, form fitting, dress. She struts around, walking sexy in her high heels. She poses to perfection with every move she makes. She knows how to make her legs look incredible from every angle. She bends over and sticks her ass out. She crosses her legs and dangles her feet. She stretches her legs out and rubs them down. A must see for leg fans.

Anna David CALVES - part 5 -