Tuesday, February 28, 2012

TOMIKO in the Garden ( and HER ULTRA HOT CALVES !!! ) - New From LegsUltra - Strongly Recommended ! -

It's Tomiko's day off and she is doing some work in the garden. She struts back and forth, watering her vegetables. It's really hot outside so she decides to water her amazingly sculpted thighs as she crosses her legs! She stretches out her extra toned, muscular calves and walks around.

Sherry Rothenberger CALVES - CaliCalves - II - ( Hall Of Fame Calves )



Sherry Rothenberger CALVES - CaliCalves - I - ( Hall of Fame Calves! )



Alyssa in a Blue Blouse ( VIDEO CLIP ) She is.... perfect

Alyssa gives us a full leg show wearing a blue blouse and panties. She does leg scissors laying down on a chair, which is a perfect display for her finely chiseled calves. Then, she bends over to reveal her impeccable ass! She lays down on the carpet and we get and aerial view of entire body.

Heidi Klum CALVES - part 2 -