Sunday, June 29, 2014

Danni & Randy Shapely Calves at the Bar ( New & Hot )

Randy and Danni look glammed up and gorgeous in their dresses and high heels. They rub their long silky stems together while standing and showing off their tight asses. They take a seat and cross their legs back and forth one over the other's. Then, they do a sexy dance tease for the camera.


  1. A very very sexy set. I have been reminded numerous times that they have different types of women because different men have different tastes, but any time a woman puts her legs in front of Randy's I'm going to get frustrated. LMAO. Randy may have the sexiest body in the world, too bad about the fake chest but who cares....

    1. Even her feet are wonderful. That detail is very important to me ( my taste ). Definitely she looks like a dream :)


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