Sunday, April 18, 2021

I need little response... that can help me with something

* If anyone bought legsultra membership using new link on my site ( ) during last 2 months, please contact me at:

* There is a possibility that new link is causing problems, not showing on pages and posts because of adblocker or working partially on blog. Maybe not working at all. 

* As you noticed, legsultra is having a lot of issues... related to money, owned money, new models, affiliate programs, servers etc. I was told there are going to be new models soon, but as it seems, it is not going to happen soon. 

* My main source of income was related to affiliate links, firstly legsultra links. Unfortunately, they are using now CCBill affiliate, and I need to change all the links that I have been promoting during 10 years period. I also lost all the active members out there, because of that change. 

* Considering all that, I have money problems last 2 months and I need a feedback about new links on my page. Please contact me directly. Thank you so much!


In other news...

* Blog is still active and alive. I am not planning to shut it down, during this collective crisis. It is still my main source of inspiration and my biggest hobby. It become my daily life, and a way of life.

* There are plenty of  galleries in my archive ready to be shared, but because of all these problems related to money I am planning to focus it more on my Patreon page, some of you are already there and I am so thankful. Also I hope I will find a way to archive my biggest dream, and find new models by myself. 

* Casual galleries will go here, as usual, but some rare and quality ones are going to Patreon only. 

*  You can support me as usual, using links on banners to buy images/videos, if you are not familiar with Patreon thing. 

Thank you for understanding and for all your support.