Monday, June 14, 2021

Calves Community Announcement ✵ #legsultra #cyndipham #haiauthaipham #haiaupham

 * It is Official. I got scammed by Legs Ultra ( LegsUltra ) at the end of our partnership. It seems that the reason is woman named Haiau Thai Pham ( aka Cyndi Pham ) and her partners. They owe me minimum $1800 from my affiliate sales, which I will never receive. They had great website, great models and I enjoyed worked with them, but as you can see, it ended very dirty. No response on emails from her and false promises from her partners. ( "You will get money after 3 years, maybe" ). Beware using their site. Note of caution!

* Since that was my main source of income here and my motivation to continue doing what I love, now I am only relying on Patreon support. That is the parallel place for me to daily post some new, personal and underground stuff for members and to share some special content that I have. The rest of usual galleries will be shared here, on my main site, as always. 

* Considering money issues I will continue to search for more sponsors, donators and affiliate connections. Unfortunately, there is no many niche things like this. Closest I had found is "Muscle Girl World" ( MuscleGirlWorld ) But they rarely add new content. 

* Since the sales are very low, almost non excisional recently, not counting Patreon support, I am forced to monetize my traffic using ADS that pop-up here. I am so sorry about that. It is not going to "infect" your PC or anything like that... They are simply stupid ads formats, like anywhere else. Earning from that source is also very low, but it is something for me, right now, in this situation. 

* Thank you for your understanding and all your support, dear calves community. I hope that I  managed to ease you a bit this strange period of time that we all went through, with my daily content of beautiful legs

* Anything you need to ask or discuss, feel free to contact me at: