I assume this copyright question is sensitive one.

Main points! 

* Many material you can find on this place is not mine. I have found it on The Internet ( but have not payed for it, just found that for free or someone send me for free, and now I also share it for free. I call it free chain of exchange ). I really have no time looking for every picture author permission.

* Some material ( pictures, videos and similar stuff ) is mine, and I don`t need any copyright headache for it. After all it is just a simple picture, not a movie or a book.

* If you notice some illegal stuff here or some that belong to you or a friend of yours who is a photographer, let me know about that, so I can remove those. If you insist on that, it is not a problem.

* Purpose of this site is to enlarge the beauty of women`s calf muscles. That piece of leg is my #1 passion and I am willing to celebrate it here, with all supporters around the world. In that point of passion, with that purpose on mind, exist every picture on my site. So, I am not trying to sell anything here, just to share the beauty of this amazing leg detail for free.

* If there is some sites around the world, with similar theme like this, we can exchange links or banners for free. And that activity I also see as a good way to share glory of this holly muscle!

* But, if some paying site wants to advertise on my blog without exchange, it will cost some money. As far as I know, that is logical.