About Me

I am male, born in 1985. Scorpio sign. Live in a small God forsaken country in Europe.

My passion history:

At first, when I was in high school I was always attracted with older women, lady style.
- My main point of interest back then was - high heels only- especially combined with black stockings, nylons, netty,pantyhose. ( * I remember when Internet starts I was big fan of sites like my own here, that provides daily sets of various legs. )
- Next, I begin to notice the beauty of female feet and very soon after that, while I was playing for a high school basketball club, my full focus went to womens calves. At my club there was one special black hair girl with blue eyes that I was secretly in love with. Of course she has one of the finest genetically shaped calves I have ever saw. I was really crazy about her. I liked everything about her, but there was something "beyond"when ever I saw her running, jumping or stretching with those muscular calves. I think that was the point when I realized my obsession.
- With Internet developing fast I come to an idea to share my crazy fetish online in a form of a blog. I really didn't expect anyone to come there. It was my own online archive, where I was collecting and grouping what I have found surfing around.
- Surprisingly. I was not alone there. People come to visit my place, with same passion like mine. It was a discovery or a creation of a new subculture ( in a way ). A great inspiration was born.
- My site was the only place of its kind for calves, back in 2009.
- It was a beautiful time to be on the Internet. Freedom. Expression. Inspiration. Individuality. Unlike these days in 2019 with Monopoly, Restriction, Nudity paranoia, Copyright freakouts.. Overall monotony that can only give birth to mediocrity.
- The Internet is no more playground for artists. It is more like a kindergarten for kids with special (same) needs. Instagram generation.
- Anyway. I will try to keep this place alive, as long as there are people who appreciate its uniqueness.