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Since some of you complain about ads on my site and all visual noise they produce I decided to stick without them for a while. There is also a chance for my site to be blacklisted because of them. For now I will continue with Patreon and affiliate links only. 

Because of low income with affiliate links I am forced to use ads on my site. The most interesting content will be published on Patreon. Everything else will still remain here. Thank you


Site was down because of domain issues. Everything is resolved now. I will continue to post daily content. Also, I will exclude any pop-up ads on my site. Income was very low anyway. My main source of promotion will be, as always, affiliate links and Patreon. Thank you for supporting me. 


Finally good words. Legsultra is back with brand new design and mobile support. There are also added some old models, images and videos. I will continue to promote them, earning with affiliate links. Please visit affiliate link at:


My work will be more focused on Patreon page from now on. If you can, you can support my 13years old work on blog about calves with donation. In return you will get daily Patreon posts with unseen legs/calves images and videos from my archive and some creative new stuff. Thank you